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About DSPA (R) LTD

DSPA (R) LTD is an International company specialized in security and fire consultancy management and protection. We operate in all East African countries. The company will also launch its activities in Ethiopia, Sudan, Zambia, DRC, Congo, Angola and Gabon by the end of 2020. We provide internationally compliant solutions and hardware to provide 24/7 protection of life safety and high value resources.

We offer standard and tailor made solution and products to meet the specific needs of customers in the residential houses, commercial houses, industries, banks, hospitals, military, mining government sector, telecommunication etc.
We possess expertise within the fire and security sectors including a pool of experienced high skilled technicians and engineers qualified to carryout design, installation, project management and auditing of fire safety and integrated security systems.

DSPA (R) LTD is an official distributor of DSPA products in East Africa